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Although compelling evidence supports the value of the musical arts in the academy, many of us still find ourselves fighting for its inclusion. This timely new resource translates the latest brain research as it relates to music and cognition, and provides proactical strategies for incorporating the musical arts at all levels.

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This book is the cornerstone upon which to build any Suzuki-oriented library. In it the author presents the philosophy and principles of Suzuki’s teaching methods. Through the examples from his own life and teaching, Suzuki establishes his case for early childhood education and the high potential of every human being, not just those seemingly gifted. Written by Shinichi Suzuki, translated by Waltraud Suzuki.

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The inspirational true story of one plucky young teacher, whose passion for her students transformed their lives–some for only seven days, others for a lifetime. Johanna Grussner arrived in New York City starry-eyed. She was a young Finnish jazz singer looking for the big time. But it was hard to find steady gigs. Propelled by pluck, determination, and a smidgen of desperation, she obtained a job teaching music at P.S. 86, a public school in the Bronx. At first, it was just to pay the bills. But over the course of several years, Johanna formed an intense, transformative connection with her students. She helped turn them from tough, angry, street-smart city kids into a disciplined, technically proficient, soaringly beautiful gospel chorus. Johanna came to identify so strongly with her students that she eventually took them to her hometown in rural Finland, to meet her family and friends, to perform in a gospel concert, and to show them what an alternate childhood-one of tiny schools, quiet classrooms, fresh air, wholesome meals, and endless music-could be like. Seven Days of Possibilities offers an inside look at the politics, history, and complex personal relationships that govern one typical New York City public school. But more importantly, it is the story of how one person can make a difference against those odds, rising above corruption, indifference and regimentation with hope, music, and love.

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In his groundbreaking book, The Mozart Effect®, Don Campbell revealed the enormous healing powers of classical music. Now he shows you how to help the children in your life experience the same benefits. You don’t have to be an expert on classical music to use this wise and compassionate book. Focusing each chapter on a particular age — from prenatal through age ten — Don Campbell explains how music is the perfect tool to improve children’s language, movement, and social skills at home, school, and play. He presents dynamic, inventive ways to invigorate a child’s imagination, and supplies simple exercises, musical menus, and entertaining games that will improve your child’s memory. At once practical and profound, The Mozart Effect® for Children is an invaluable resource for all parents and educators who want to help their children imagine, achieve, and grow in every aspect of their lives.

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Children are musical by nature, whether tooting toy instruments, clapping their hands, or banging wooden blocks. Parents who want to nurture those healthy musical tendencies will delight in THE HARMONIOUS CHILD’s practical, friendly, and knowledgeable advice. In this comprehensive guide, Stella Saperstein and Beth Luey walk you through the basics of finding the right instrument and instructor for your child, the ins and outs of music lessons, and successful ways to manage your child’s practice time. They also discuss marching band, orchestra, and recitals—even the possibility of a musical career for your child. With a thorough list of resources and a glossary, this guide will help you encourage your child to channel that joyful ruckus into beautiful music.

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