Harvey R. Snitkin, Ph.D.

ISBN: 1888732008, Paperback – $10.47 BUY

Practicing is no longer a chore with this guide for children interested in pursuing an instrument or singing. The daily grind of repetition is transformed into a tool for opening a three-way dialogue among students, parents, and teachers that makes practicing an enjoyable activity and a thought-provoking topic of conversation. Techniques covered are applicable to all styles of music-from the classical piano to the garage band guitar and everything in between. Topics are arranged to help aspiring musicians develop a healthy attitude toward practicing and to use the time spent practicing in the most enjoyable and rewarding way possible by starting each practice session with a purpose and ending with a sense of satisfaction.

Chris Philpott

ISBN: 041523719X, Paperback – $26.95 BUY

The purpose of this book is to highlight issues that teachers of music in primary and secondary schools confront in their professional practice. It is intended that readers will be stimulated to: * question both the assumptions which inform national policy and received wisdom about particular aspects of the curriculum * debate the fundamental principles on which practice should be based * develop a critical stance in relation to practice which will support them in achieving greater understanding of the curriculum and its implementation in their classrooms.

Cynthia Meyers Ross

ISBN: 0787966894, Paperback – $20.37 BUY

This unique resource for music teachers includes 298 reproducible lists related to all areas of general, choral, and instrumental music to help them develop instructional materials and planm lessons for elementary and secondary students. Materials are conveniently organized into 9 sections— from lists of composers to lists of instruments and songs (including current pop music).

Loretta Mitchell

ISBN: 0136056016, Sprial – $28.95 BUY

Charles Vernon Burnsed

ISBN: 0398069093, Paperback – $39.95 BUY

This book is about music education in the elementary school. Its major purpose is to develop an understanding of why music education is important, how music education works, and how music can be a powerful force for the classroom teacher. It has realistic expectations for the classroom teacher. Music theory and performance skill are kept to a minimum; they are not a prerequisite for understanding the content of the book. A major emphasis of the text is that classroom teachers can utilize music to enhance the overall learning environment of their classrooms. Suggestions, class descriptions, and lesson plans are given for using music for routine activities, whole language, integrating music into language arts and social studies, and using music to develop the cultural literacy of students. The second edition includes contemporary thought on the philosophical rationales for music education, results of recent research in music education, and an expanded Chapter 5 on Music to Enhance the Learning Environment. Chapter 5 includes new greeting songs, a section on using music to teach topics and concepts throughout the elementary curri- culum, and more suggestions for music and language arts. New songs are also included in the folk song appendix.

Cheryl Lavender

ISBN: 0793527597, Paperback – $13.77 BUY

Basic survival may be your top priority when you accept an assignment as the substitute music teacher! Equip yourself with this invaluable kit of kid-tested songs, games, activities, practice pages and detailed teaching suggestions for each. Use these substitute plans as complete lessons or as supplements to the regular music teacher’s lesson plans. You and your students never thought music class could be so much fun! The Instrument Sound Samples cassette contains sound samples of electronic, folk and orchestral instruments and provides a perfect supplement to games in the book. For Grades K-6.

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